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Kansas City to Host First-Ever National Bridge-Building Event

American Public Square will host the 2023 Bridge-Building Innovation Showcase at the Unity Temple on the Plaza

Kansas City, MO] – October 5, 2023 – Six teams of Americans from across the country will be recognized in Kansas City on October 14, 2023 for volunteering their time to work across political, racial, religious, generational, and other differences to solve local problems. The event, known as the Bridge-Building Innovation Showcase, will be held at the Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City at 5 pm.


American Public Square, a Kansas-City based community organization working to improve the tone and quality of public discourse, is hosting the event in partnership with national bridge-building organizations CoGenerate, Common Agency, Ideos Institute, Urban Rural Action and 92NY's Belfer Center for Innovation and Social Impact.​


The six teams of community members were selected for the Showcase following a competitive process that included a written application and an interview with two judges who explored the teams' efforts to build relationships across differences and engage their broader communities in preventing targeted violence.


“The Showcase will be an extraordinary, first-of-its-kind opportunity to celebrate Americans who are navigating political, racial, and other differences to effect meaningful change in their own communities," said Joseph Bubman, Executive Director of Urban Rural Action. “We're very grateful to the American Public Square for partnering with UR Action to make this happen in wonderful Kansas City."


The six teams selected for the Showcase hail from different types of communities and are tackling a range of challenges:

  • Kansans are helping Spanish-speaking community members in Emporia access information about health programs and services.

  • Kentuckians are facilitating climate conversations in Lexington.

  • Louisianans are advancing bipartisan criminal justice reform.

  • Michiganders are helping youth learn how to build houses in Muskegon County.

  • Oregonians are bringing financial literacy courses to rural Tillamook County.

  • Pennsylvanians are expanding access to mental and behavioral health services to Franklin County residents who have demonstrated risk factors for targeted violence.​

The Showcase will feature an informal cocktail period, presentations from all six teams, and discussion among attendees. There is no cost to attend, and community members can register on Eventbrite.

Media contact: Robin Smith, APS Marketing & Communication,

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