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Pennsylvania Uniters in our Uniting to Prevent Targeted Violence in South-Central PA program are implementing projects with community partners to (1) address risk factors identified by the group, and (2) advance a goal of the partner organization. See below to learn more!


Defusing Political Tension in Adams County

Talking about ideological differences respectfully is key to alleviating community tensions. A team of Uniters is working with Mediation Services of Adams County to promote constructive conversation and defuse political tension.

The team has created "Me Cards" to help school kids recognize their unique attributes and boost their self-esteem. 

The team has also created “Tent Talk” cards and put up tents at county events. Tent Talks create a physical space for community members to express thoughts on issues related to race, politics, and other issues affecting the community —without fear of criticism. Tent Talk cards are the first step in facilitating face-to-face conversations that foster understanding, promote connection,
and lay the groundwork for collective action. 

Stop by a Talk Tent at any of the following events in Adams County over the next few months:


Dauphin County Advisory Public Event UR ACTION SM.jpg

Connecting veterans and service providers in Dauphin County

Veterans are often misunderstood, which complicates the challenge of delivering much-needed social services to people who served our country. A team of Uniters in Dauphin County is working with Just for Today Recovery and Veterans Support Services to train veterans and the organizations that serve them on constructive dialogue, dispute resolution, and trauma awareness. In so doing, we will increase the understanding and awareness of the challenges veterans face in Dauphin County, thereby improving veterans’ quality of life and reducing the likelihood of their committing an act of targeted violence.

The team in Dauphin County is also helping the county's multi-disciplinary Threat Advisory Group to better engage the broader community in identifying and referring potential threats. Join us for a special event on 5/23/24 at HACC!


Listening Compassionately to Prevent Suicide in York

A team of Uniters has worked with Suicide Prevention of York to form the Compassionate Listeners of York, which is implementing a buddy system to address feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness that can be risk factors for suicide and targeted violence. Partnering with the Hope Squad program, the team aims to reduce the community's epidemic of loneliness, unworthiness, and violence. 

The team is hosting the Hope for York Forum on 4/16/24. Poor mental health is an addressable risk factor that contributes to instances of targeted violence. Join the conversation on how to make a positive impact on mental health in your community on 4/16/24.

hope for york forum.jpg

Working Across Political Divides to Address Housing Needs in Franklin County

A politically diverse team of Uniters is working with South Central Community Action Programs (SCCAP) to raise awareness about housing needs and resources in Franklin County. By engaging community members across demographic differences, the SCCAP team will meet more needs and increase volunteerism, thereby strengthening the community and the preventive factors against targeted violence.

This team was selected to present at the 2023 Bridge-Building Innovation Showcase in Kansas City, MO.


This project is funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships, opportunity number DHS-22-TTP-132-00-01.

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