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Uniting for Action on the Economy in Southern Oregon

A non-partisan civic participation program (February - November 2024)  that brings Oregonians together across political, racial, generational, geographic, and other differences to enhance collaboration skills, build relationships, and strengthen the local economy.


Program Overview

Uniting for Action on the Oregon Economy is a non-partisan program that brings together Oregonians in Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath counties to take on key economic challenges facing our state.

Program Goals

  1. Strengthen individual collaboration skills

  2. Better understand people with different perspectives and experiences relating to economic, social, and political issues

  3. Build relationships across differences and decrease “othering” 

  4. Address local economic challenges

  5. Strengthen communities’ cohesion and resilience

  6. Reduce acceptance of inter-group violence

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Projects with Community Partners

Uniters in Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath counties are implementing projects in collaboration with community partners to address economic challenges. Learn more here!


Oregon Uniters

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Oregon Uniters in our Uniting for Action on the Southern Oregon Economy
program will build relationships across lines of difference, strengthen collaboration skills, and implement projects with community partners to address local economic challenges . See below to learn more!

Program Schedule

All in-person gatherings will feature a workshop and other activities such as small-group discussions, visits with community leaders, a shared meal, and/or a walking tour.  

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Economic Support Projects

In each county, Uniters will work with a community organization to design and implement a project that addresses an economic challenge in Oregon. Projects might focus on issues such as trauma healing and mental health support, racial divisions and/or tensions, immigrant/ non-immigrant tensions or services, economic and housing issues, and political divisions and/or tensions.

A $5K budget will support each project.


Addressing food insecurity and building resilience


Reducing barriers to employment and supporting job opportunities


A community building organization promoting the economic, social, and environmental vitality of Applegate Valley


Driving economic development and diversification of Klamath County

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