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UR Action Training Services

UR Action works with mission-driven organizations, emerging leaders, small- and medium-sized businesses, students, faculty, and administrators to strengthen interpersonal skills and community engagement approaches. In particular, we help individuals enhance their ability to engage in constructive dialogue across differences, manage interpersonal conflict, handle difficult emotions, analyze complex societal challenges, and design community interventions.


ABCs of
Constructive Dialogue

We introduce a memorable and accessible communication model and then help participants (emerging leaders, faculty, students, community members, and more) practice applying the model to explore different perspectives and navigate disagreement.


Joint Problem-Solving

We help emerging leaders navigate interpersonal conflict by digging beneath the positions of their counterparts to uncover their underlying motivations and generate creative solutions that an be implemented effectively.


We help emerging leaders develop skills to effect positive change in their community by learning how to analyze societal challenges systematically, develop influence challenges, conduct stakeholder mapping, and build coalitions.

UR Action's Workshop Approach

We apply proven models from the conflict resolution field and the private sector to promote interpersonal problem-solving and effective community engagement. See graphic below to learn about our intellectual heritage.

We believe learning works best when participants:

  • Hold wide-ranging views and lived experiences;

  • Learn from each other; 

  • Practice what they are learning; and

  • Enjoy themselves when they are doing the above.


We therefore:

  • Aim to work with groups that are diverse ideologically, racially, religiously, and/or generationally;

  • Build connections through our workshops; 

  • Use a co-facilitator model; and

  • Offer a facilitative, experiential, hands-on experience.


Reach out to us via email to explore how we can support you or your organization in cultivating the leaders of tomorrow, poised to enact meaningful and lasting transformations

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