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What We Do

UR Action's bread and butter is cohort-based programming in select geographies. We also conduct trainings on constructive dialogue and joint problem-solving. See below for both.


We form ideologically, racially, generationally, and geographically diverse cohorts that we bring together repeatedly over many months to build relationships, strengthen collaboration skills, explore different views on issues, and work together to address urgent challenges. 

Participants in our programs form diverse teams of Uniters across their broader community. They work with a community partner to design and implement an intervention to address a local challenge identified by the group and advance a goal of the organization. Through this in-person and online collaboration, teams build enduring relationships across lines of difference.

In addition to our programs, UR Action also brings Americans together across divides through training on constructive dialogue and joint problem-solving for community organizations, academic institutions, small businesses, and emerging leaders.

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