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 Facilitation Academy 

UR Action's Facilitation Academy prepares community members to facilitate UR Action workshops on constructive dialogue and joint problem-solving.

Components of the Academy

1. Consuming UR Action-approved content on constructive dialogue and joint problem-solving


2. Participating in and/or observing at least one UR Action customized training


3. Completing the Train-the-Trainer program, which involves practicing teaching the ABCs of Constructive Dialogue and the Seven Elements of Joint Problem-Solving, and receiving coaching and feedback 


4. Co-facilitating a customized workshop with an experienced URA facilitator.


Profile of an Academy Participant

  1. Commitment to UR Action’s mission

  2. Willingness to develop deep familiarity with the ABCs for Constructive Dialogue

  3. Strong interpersonal skills, including demonstrated ability to actively listen (A + C), present ideas clearly, summarize concepts, capture others’ views in writing, and/or engage in back-and-forth conversation that illuminates shared and differing viewpoints

  4. Comfort engaging in large-group discussions, including on sensitive topics

  5. The ability to manage process vs. substance, and distinguish between their own perspectives and those in the room.

If you are interested in joining the Academy, please complete this form.

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