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Areas of Agreement Podcast

Journalist Elia Powers followed UR Action throughout season 1 of his acclaimed “Areas of Agreement" podcast on the urban/rural divide and our efforts to work across divides to tackle America's most urgent challenges.

Powers weaves together insightful interviews with Americans collaborating across divides with snippets of recordings from UR Action events to create expertly-produced episodes that entertain and inform.

The series is available anywhere you get your podcasts, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Breaker, Pocket Casts, PRX Exchange, and Radio Public.

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Episode 12 explores efforts to bring older and younger generations together to build relationships and address societal problems through collaboration.​


Featuring Eunice Lin Nichols, co-CEO of CoGenerate; Dr. Cal Halvorsen, a senior research fellow at CoGenerate and an assistant professor at Boston College; and UR Action Exec Team members Joe Bubman and Deborah Tien.

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In episode 11, learn more about what polarization means, what is bad polarization, and what can be done to combat it. 


Featuring The Philosophy of Group Polarization authors Dr. Fernando Broncano-Berrocal & Dr. J. Adam Carter

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On Episode 10, hear about how a team of Marylanders is partnering with the Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center to support immigrant entrepreneurs on the Eastern Shore through their participation in Uniting for Action on the Maryland Economy 

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Tune into Episode 9 to hear about Dialogues Across Difference and efforts to promote viewpoint diversity on college campuses.

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Tune into Episode 8 to hear from UR Action and Lead for America team members about the Jan 5 and 6, 2022 discussions with Americans on political violence as part of the National Day of Dialogue.

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Tune into Episode 7 to hear from UR Action's Mid-Atlantic Regional Director Kira Hamman about the recent attention paid to rural America and why it can be difficult to engage people from these communities in initiatives that aim to bridge the urban/rural divide.

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Tune into Episode 6 to learn about the importance of community colleges to their regional economies, despite not getting much attention, especially in rural areas. Learn how the U4A America economy team helped the Education Design Lab on a multi-year initiative to create pathways to postsecondary attainment and economic opportunity in rural communities.

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Tune into Episode 5 to learn more about news deserts, and how people access news about Covid-19. Millions of Americans live in news deserts, where they lack credible and comprehensive information that helps residents make decisions about issues that matter to them. ​

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Tune into Episode 4 to hear about efforts by a team in our Uniting for Action Across PA's Urban/Rural Divide to address funding disparities in K-12 schools in urban and rural communities in the Commonwealth.  ​

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Tune into Episode 2 to hear about our efforts to reduce food waste and food insecurity.

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Tune into Episode 1 to better understand causes of and possible solutions to the urban/rural divide. ​

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