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Wisconsinites Uniting for a Safe Election Season

Join us on July 27 at 1-5 pm in Kenosha, Wisconsin to work across differences to strengthen our communities during the election period.

WIX WI Elections.png

How We'll Do This

Threat Awareness

Learn to recognize signs of targeted violence and potential triggers during the election period.

Skill Development

Acquire new tools for constructive dialogue, collaborative problem-solving, and effective de-escalation techniques to strengthen community safety.


Have fun while building social cohesion through community events and experiences! 

Complete this form to register for the Wisconsinites Uniting for a Safe Election Season, an event organized by Common Agency, Keep our Republic, Urban Rural Action, WisACT. Our fun and exciting event on July 27 at 1-5 pm CT is all about helping you find YOUR opportunity to strengthen your community during a tense election season.

Event Organizers


The organizations featured above are proud partners of the Civic Health of Wisconsin Initiative.


Participating Organizations

Additional Participating Organizations

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